My Role

This is my individual submission for this hackaton challenge. Below explains in detail my thought process leading up to the high fidelity mock up I created


2 weeks


Design Thinking & Ideation, UI Design, UX Design, Design Systems, Prototyping, User Testing

Project Brief

A brief overview of what I was tasked to do for design challenge.

My Task

Below are the assessment details for the design challenge:

In order to gather insights and better understand potential pain points of users, I followed the below described Design Process.

Research and Interviews

Laying down the ground work

User Interviews

I interviewed some of my friends and family who are students, adults, and both frequent and passive moviegoers. Due to the short timeline, I only managed to talk to 6 participants. Here are the few questions I included:

From my interviews, I gathered the below pain points and insights.

Pain Points



Consolidating my findings into a succinct way

User Personas

I created 3 different user personas based on the information gathered by my user interviews. They represent some of the target user groups of the website.

You can view my user personas here as well

User Journey Map

I also created User Journey Maps for each persona to better understand the overall journey which each user may encounter when booking movie tickets online. From there, I could list down the opportunities that arise at each stage.

You can view my user jouney maps here as well


Putting everything together

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Based on my above ideations, I crafted out the path taken by a prototypical user. The wireframe takes them from their entry point throught a set of steps towards a successful outcome of purchasing movie tickets. For this flow, I also assumed that the user is not initially signed into the app when selecting seats.

You can view a clearer version of the flow here

Design System

I created a design system heavily inspired by FRANK by OCBC as I wanted the visual design to have a youthful, laid-back yet sophisticated feel to it.

You can view the design system here as well

High Fidelity Prototype

I used Figma to created the mockup, and you can see my initial explorations and UI below, or view this link


Designs and Iterations towards the final product

Usability Testing

I used the prototype to conduct usability tests with users in the target demographics. The overall feedback was that the app was easy to use and were happy with the theme and design. However, there was also some areas for improvement which helped me uncover opportunities to improve on my initial prototype.

Below are some of the feedback I received:


My final prototype!

Final Prototype

With the user feedback I got, I updated the prototype. Most of the changes made were minor, such as increasing font size and adding scroll arrows. Some of the bigger changes were adding UI to guide users how to selecct seats on the sear booking page, and adding an alternate button for when a cinema is fully booked.

You can view the Figma Prototype here

Below is a more in-depth explanation of the final prototype