Hello! 🤗
I'm Rebecca

I’m a 22 year old from Singapore, and I'm passionate about all things related to design and web development! I've just started a career as an UI/UX designer at Accenture, and I hope to broaden my knowledge and improve my skills as both a designer and a team player.

This website is a mini-project I embarked on to document my experiences, both professional and nonprofessional. Hope you enjoy browsing!


Work Experiences

The different internships I've done so far
  • UX Design Intern

    National Youth Council
    May 2020 - Sept 2020
  • UI/UX Design Intern

    Government Technology Agency
    Dec 2020 - April 2021
  • Digital Transformation Intern

    May 2021 - Aug 2021
  • UI Design Associate

    Sept 2021 - Jan 2022
  • Visual Design Analyst

    Sept 2022 - Present


Some of the projects I have done either in school or at internships.

Pick Up Games Android App

I was the sole designer for this project, and doubled as the front-end developer as well. I both led the research analysis and crafting of the user personas, and produced the high-fidelity prototype on Figma.


UI Design, Frontend Developer, Prototyping, User Testing

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This is my individual submission for this hackaton challenge, where I placed in the top 10% of 300 participants. Below explains in detail my thought process leading up to the high fidelity mock up I created


Design Thinking & Ideation, UI Design, UX Design, Design Systems, Prototyping, User Testing

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I worked closely with one other senior designer, helping internal teams in several different projects to conceptualise and design unique, user-centric products using Figma


UI Design, Design Systems, Prototyping, Frontend Developer

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NYC Internship

I worked closely with 3 other UI/UX Design Interns to design a website aiming to bridge the knowledge gap between formal education and available careers for youths in Singapore.


Design Thinking & Ideation, UI Design, UX Design, Design Systems, Copywriting, Prototyping

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GovTech Internship

I worked closely with one other senior designer to create a web service that aims to make city-level sensor data available for the industry and public in a convenient and efficient manner.


Design Thinking & Ideation, UX Design, UI Design, Design Systems, Prototyping

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This project was a tripartite collaboration involving the team, Google, and our client, of which we conceptualised, designed and implemented a new AI-based application to deliver a service.


AGILE Development, Ruby on Rails, User Testing, Google Cloud, MVC Design Pattern

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Here are the softwares and programming languages that I know

My Interests

I'm also someone that enjoys travel and adventure, and here are some documented ones!

SUTD Diving

As someone who loves water sports, I was glad to be given the opportunity to serve as the president of SUTD's scuba diving club just a few months after I joined the school. I have since been in charge of planning dive trips and internal school events.

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After Alevels, I decided to take on an Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP), where the team went to Nepal to teach children english. This journey was definitely an eventful one, and I learnt alot about myself.

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Travel Vlogs

In 2018, I started making video vlogs of my travels! They are not of the best quality (but I think they have improved slightly overtime), but are always a joy to watch for the memories I made.

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